The Future of Text Symposium


The Future of Text has so far featured the co-inventor of the internet Vint Cerf,  hypertext originator Ted Nelson, author, educator and translator David Bellos, deputy editor and author Tom Standage, John Baines from Queen’s College Oxford, Typographer and author Timothy Donaldson, alumnus Ingrid Hage of LCC, Bob Stein from Voyager, Venture Capitalist Frank Mehan, artist David Jablonowski anthropologist Chris Stringer from The Natural History Museum, Jonathan Taylor and Ilona Regulski from The British Museum, Dame Wendy Hall from The University of Southampton, Pierre Lévy from the University of Ottawa, Dino Karaberg from The University of Oslo, Catherine Dixon from Central Saint Martins, Ren Cahoon of Reynolds Cahoon, LLC, George P. Landow of The Victorian Web, author Philip Ball, Jane Yellowlees Douglas, PhD of the  University of Florida, author Marios Michaelides, Keith Martin and Jo Hodges from LCC, Dr Sally Maynard from the university of Loughborough, interactive designer, practicing artist Ross Phillips and consultant, Michael Nutley, and from the British Library: Helen Hockx-Yu, Head of Web Archiving, Luke McKernan, Lead Curator Moving Image, Lee-Ann Coleman, Head of Science, Technology & Medicine, Matthew Shaw, Curator of North American History and Roger Walshe, Head of Public Engagement and Learning.



Next: 9th & 10th of December 2015 in Silicon Valley


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The Future of Text Symposium is a Deep Literacy Initiative