Ren Cahoon of Reynolds Cahoon, LLC

Ren advises public, private sector and higher education organizations on business strategy, information-driven business transformation, information economics and digital preservation.

Clients have included: the US EPA, Johns Hopkins University, Kansas State Government &  University, the Library of Congress, Lockheed Martin, the US National Archives, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Pitney Bowes.

He is a CIO Sage and his current focus is information economics, resource-constrained information governance and global digital preservation infrastructure.


Persistent Text - A Legacy, A Debt, An Imperative

For centuries, text has detailed the generations of mankind in a jigsaw of clues and snippets on stone, metal, animal skins, papyrus, paper, and, on our watch, ones and zeros on multiple media. Some is preserved, some is lost.  

Persistent text enables connection to our ancestors, informs who we are and where we came from and captures the experience and learning of each generation’s turn on earth.

What will we leave? Will it persist? Who will ensure it? How will we do it?