Timothy Donaldson of Falmouth University

Tim is a letterworker: a practising graphic & type designer and action calligrapher with enthusiasm for the use, abuse and reuse of text as a communication device, author and educator.

He is the author of Shapes for Sounds, a widely available treatise on the past, present and future of the Latin alphabet, and the first of a trilogy of interconnected monographs. He teaches via the media of the lecture, the seminar, the workshop, the demonstration and studio practice. He believes that graphic design is one of the most important methods we have for mediating our culture and is devoted to raising the world's awareness to match its ubiquity.

He has lectured on graphic design internationally since the mid 1990s and designed over 40 typefaces for Adobe, FontShop International, The International Typeface Corporation and Letraset. On multiple occasions his typefaces have won the highest awards in the Morisawa international typeface design competition, and received awards in the Brno Biennale. His writings in his field have been acclaimed and celebrated by The American Institute of Graphic Arts with their inclusion in two of its permanent national archives.


Timothy will take a longer look at the evolution of writing from the Egyptians til today. The story of the changing shapes of our means of written communication.