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A symposium centered around the premise that the written word is a fundamental unit of knowledge and as such is of universal importance.

The written word has evolved since its first appearance some five and a half thousand years ago, and moreover has evolved in particular evolutionary environments.

Today's digital text is as far removed from the printed book as the printed book is from the first scratchings on clay.

Looking back at what choices were made and which possibilities were discarded gives us a greater understanding of the multiple functions of the written word and this can inform how we consciously evolve text for the future; how we will innovate.


The event is open to university students with valid photo ID but registration is required beforehand. The event is not open to the general public but communications professionals and educators can get in touch for free access. Please contact Frode Hegland at

To register you MUST go to Eventbrite and sign up. This event is Free, but you cannot come and go, you need to stay the full day: FoT on EventBrite



6 November 2014 : 10:00 - 17:00
Google : 1 Saint Giles High Street
London WC2H 8AG,

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Each speaker will have 10 minutes of presentation and 10 minutes for dialog.

Hashtag: #FoText



The event is organised by The Liquid Information Company, developers of richly interactive systems, in association with Artchestra:

fotliquid         artch

Transportation provided by Uber:


Refreshments sponsored by and provided by Starbucks, continuing and supporting the great British coffeehouse tradition:



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9:30 Registration & Coffee with pastries 


10 Prompt Start & Intro by Frode Hegland

10:10 Chris Stringer of The Natural History Museum

10:30 Dame Wendy Hall  of The University of Southampton

10:50 Jonathan Taylor of The British Museum

11:10 Ilona Regulski of The British Museum

11:30  Pierre Lévy of the University of Ottawa


11:50 Lunch


12:40 Frode Hegland on Author

1 Dino Karaberg of The University of Oslo

1:20 Timothy Donaldson of Falmouth University

1:40 Catherine Dixon of Central Saint Martins

2 Jane Yellowlees Douglas, PhD of the University of Florida

2:20 Ren Cahoon of Reynolds Cahoon, LLC

2:40 George P. Landow of Brown University


3 Coffee Break


3:20 Richard Boulderstone of The British Library

3:40 David Jablonowski Artist

4 Philip Ball Author

4:20 David Brin Author via Skype

4:40 Marios Michaelides Author

5 End